"Every Ummah (people) has a test to undergo, my Ummah will be tried through their wealth."
(Sunan at-Tirmizi, Vol. 4, 2343)

Water Well Project

Water Well Projects.

Our continuous project in Sri Lanka is to build several wells in areas where access to water to meet basic human need has become a difficult task. Today we take water for granted. A blessing from Allah to quench our thirst and meet our bodily needs in order to survive.
donateAt the press of a button we have access to water which we take for granted. But for millions of people this is a necessity that has become a difficult task on a daily basis. Often travelling several miles by foot to find a well.

Mountain of Mercy is working in Sri Lanka and located several poor villages where there is a need to build well's, at a cost of £220 with a plaque a well will provide water for several people and become a means of Sadqah-e-Jaria (continuous charity).

To date Mountain Of Mercy has built over 450wells in various locations in Sri Lanka and are continuing to build several more.

Build a Well today and make your future for tomorrow

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UK Team

Mohamed Ziad Hafiz (London)
Nafisa Hafiz (Heston)
Faruk Abdullah (North West)
Aqeela Darwan (North West)
Sabiha Valli (North West)
Shenaz Suleman, Events Co-ordinater (Leicester)
Mohamed Suleman (Leicester)
Fazila Poptani (Leicester)
Hafiz Muhammad Umair Vohra (Croydon)
Farzana Zakir Juma (Leicester)
Emrana Ali (Peterborough)


Sri-Lanka Team and Kenya Team

Mohamed Oun Ali (Project Manager Sri Lanka)
Mehraj Dhilruwan Sally
Rinaaz Dhilshan Sariffodeen
Tuan Hilary Ahmadeen

Kenya team

Dr Imran Elias (Kenya - Mombasa)
Yasmin Elias   (Kenya - Mombasa)
Leila Rashid    (Kenya - Mombasa) 

Mountain of Mercy

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