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Mountain of mercy during Ramadhan 2014, started a project to help families in the purchasing of equipment to facilititate in income regeneration. Mountain Of Mercy  funded the purchase of a Tuk Tuk to a family in Maghazi - the middle are of the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

Mohammed Hosni Abu Nassar and his family of 6 children and his wife were overwhelmed when our team turned up to their home in Maghazi with a Tuk Tuk

To enable a man to work for himself and provide for his family is a great achievement, it takes away the burden of relying on continuous donations, it maintains ones dignity by working for themselves. 

This is what the family had to say with tears in their eyes..

' We cannot thank Mountainofmercy enough for their donation to purchase this for the family, it really is a life changing gift'

The project was funded by MountainOfMercy and implemented by Al Majd Association with Abdulrahman B, Iqelan & Ashraf Ahmed.


UK Team

Mohamed Ziad Hafiz (London)
Nafisa Hafiz (Heston)
Faruk Abdullah (North West)
Aqeela Darwan (North West)
Sabiha Valli (North West)
Shenaz Suleman, Events Co-ordinater (Leicester)
Mohamed Suleman (Leicester)
Fazila Poptani (Leicester)
Hafiz Muhammad Umair Vohra (Croydon)
Farzana Zakir Juma (Leicester)
Emrana Ali (Peterborough)


Sri-Lanka Team and Kenya Team

Mohamed Oun Ali (Project Manager Sri Lanka)
Mehraj Dhilruwan Sally
Rinaaz Dhilshan Sariffodeen
Tuan Hilary Ahmadeen

Kenya team

Dr Imran Elias (Kenya - Mombasa)
Yasmin Elias   (Kenya - Mombasa)
Leila Rashid    (Kenya - Mombasa) 

Mountain of Mercy

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Registered Charity No. 1110463


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