"Every Ummah (people) has a test to undergo, my Ummah will be tried through their wealth."
(Sunan at-Tirmizi, Vol. 4, 2343)

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mynamar appeal details

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Distributing AId in Gazza

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Myanmar Food Flotilla

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Mountain Of Mercy 10 Years of Relief work...

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Water well project

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Pakistan flood appeal

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food distribution Garissa Ramadhan 2014

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Food Flotilla Malaysia to Maynamar Feb 2017


Garrisa Horn Of Africa Ramadhan 2014 distribution


Refugees In Europe 2015 food distribution

Masjid Projects In Construction 2015

Gambia Masjid Project

Projects in Gaza - Tuk Tuk

help gazaGAZA 1.

Bangladesh Rickshaw Appeal 2015

Sudan Quran Distribution 2015

10 years of Mountain Of Mercy


100% Donation Policy

donationMountain of Mercy is dedicated to giving 100% of your donations to the needy, all admin costs are paid for by Mountain of Mercy volunteers.

There are a number of ways to donate. Please click here to visit our donations page to see which option would best suit you.

Gaza Cash distribution

GAZA RAMADHAN 2014 Cash Distribution project

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Palestine a history going back to 1947. The pre occupied land... Its habitants the victims of world injustice.  Today we have beautiful homes, clean drinking water, imported food from around the world. But most importantly what we have is peace and security.  This seems like a long distance goal for our brothers and sisters of Gaza. Ramadhan 2014 is a time to reflect on the sufferings, a time for donations and most importantly your prayers.

Gaza aid 2014 link

Mountain Of Mercy team in Gaza is waiting to distribute your donations where they are needed the most.

Please visit www.mountainofmercy.org today and make a difference.

Medical Clinic - Puttalam Sri Lanka

Water Well Appeal

wellsOne of our continuous projects in Sri Lanka has been to build several wells in areas where access to water to meet basic human need has become a difficult task. Today we take water for granted. A blessing from Allah to quench our thirst and meet our bodily needs in order to survive.
donateAt the press of a button we have access to water which we take for granted. But for millions of people this is a necessity that has become a difficult task on a daily basis. Often travelling several miles by foot to find a well.

Mountain of Mercy is working in Sri Lanka and has located several poor villages where there is a need to build well's, at a cost of £200 with a named plaque a well will provide water for several people and become a means of Sadqah-e-Jaria (continuous charity).

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Distributing Aid to the People of Gazza

Mountain of Mercy is now working in Palestine distributing aid to the people of Gazza.

Donate through PayPal

If you would like to make a donation to Mountain of Mercy, please click on the donate button below.
Note: Please email us your address once donation is made to enquiries@mountainofmercy.org 
especially if donating for a Water Well so we can send the photo to the given address on completion.

Latest News - Materity Clinic / Hospital


Mountain of mercy has now completed the building of a medical clinic in Puttalam.
Members of Mountain of Mercy visited the opening of the clinic on the 11th of April.
The clinic is now running and fully operational. There is future plans for the clinic to become a hospital.

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UK Team

Mohamed Ziad Hafiz (London)
Nafisa Hafiz (Heston)
Faruk Abdullah (North West)
Aqeela Darwan (North West)
Sabiha Valli (North West)
Shenaz Suleman, Events Co-ordinater (Leicester)
Mohamed Suleman (Leicester)
Fazila Poptani (Leicester)
Hafiz Muhammad Umair Vohra (Croydon)
Farzana Zakir Juma (Leicester)
Emrana Ali (Peterborough)


Sri-Lanka Team and Kenya Team

Mohamed Oun Ali (Project Manager Sri Lanka)
Mehraj Dhilruwan Sally
Rinaaz Dhilshan Sariffodeen
Tuan Hilary Ahmadeen

Kenya team

Dr Imran Elias (Kenya - Mombasa)
Yasmin Elias   (Kenya - Mombasa)
Leila Rashid    (Kenya - Mombasa) 

Mountain of Mercy

93 Waltham Avenue, Middlesex
Hayes, United Kingdom UB3 1TD

Registered Charity No. 1110463


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